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Hey hey hey, I'm gonna be happy someday

Then finally it's Friday
I'm thinkin' life's goin' my way
But there's nothing to do
Guess I'll hang out with my friends and I know
We'll end up at a show
Where they'll drink away the dreams they gave up long ago
But I can't complain, 'cause I've been right there doin' the same

Someday I'll be happy
will someone tell me when will that be?
Somewhere I lost track of what's right
and now I'm stuck on the sidelines
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
not gonna take it any longer
It's time to take back control of my life


"hey tink, it's me peter

I know it's been a long, long time
I hope you and the lost boys are doing just as fine
As that time we showed that Captain Hook and Smee a thing or two
I think you know why I'm rhyming and I hope that you're not blue
You see I'll keep you in my heart and you'll always be my friend
But I can't come back to Neverland again "

i know ive already done the growing up and leaving home thing, so college shouldnt be such a shock. and the fact that im moving like 9 exits from home makes it even easier. but gosh, making new friends is scary. i like the ones i have.. although it sucks that it took until 2 weeks before everyone leaves to reconcile old friendships.
hopefully the next 2 weeks.. well actually only a week and a half now.. will be filled with lots of fun. thankfully it's my last week of work (although i am baby-sitting 2 days next week) humorous pictures

Jul. 30th, 2008

*Everybody’s after you
I wait in line to touch you
Look around if you ever miss me
Look because it kills me

You say we’re just friends
We're playin pretend to keep me here

Every night I lay in bed
I think about the things you said
Look around, I’m the one, your only
Look around it still kills me*


the city that never sleeps

or so they claim. while the people may be awake, the stores and stuff close early.
my trip has been pretty fun so far. went to a comedy club the first night and was pretty amused. there was only one comic who managed to get the same laughs from the crowd without using the overly sexual humor that the other comics seem to love, or ripping on himself.
after that, my friend and i got lost in south harlem at 2am. good times. we asked a police officer who was driving by for directions and he's like "walk that way through the park. but you probably dont want to do that. take a cab" so then we waited in the pouring rain for a cab while getting some creepy looks from the few people on the street. they were either contemplating killing us, or wondering what the stupid white kids are doing in harlem.
yesterday i did the touristy stuff. went on a fast boat ride to the statue of liberty, walked around central park and time square, and then got tired of the guy i was hanging out with and went back to my moms place to watch the yankees game.
going to the game tonight :) and coming home tomorrow. hopefully i dont get stuck in white marsh because after i bought my bus ticket my brother decided he wont come get me during rush hour. then going to the bridge concert with emily and shaya


May. 14th, 2008


im trying to review math so i can take the placement exam for goucher and not get put in remedial math.. but i feel like i dont want to waste my energy on a hard math class that ill fail anyway.
im not sure if its better to study hard and do well and get placed in a harder class, or to not review it at all even though i havent been in a real math class since 11th grade.

hope everyones finals are going well

new life plan!

i want to act for the history channel!

s'all good